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You are not alone. We are here to help you.

Research has shown links between mind and body. Loneliness, sadness, anxiety, trauma, and relationship problems affect our health. Talk to us about it. We are here with you.

Restore your relationship

Research has shown that happy couples argue and have differences. However, they are able to repair and re-connect after an argument. They are also emotionally accessible, responsive and engaged. 

Help your children thrive

Seek our help if your child has difficulty getting along with other children, control emotions, has short attention span, or has language delay, unusually withdrawn or show extreme behavior. 

Fight depression and anxiety

Do you find yourself loosing interests and hope on many things, sleeping too little or too much, or unable to concentrate, and feel overwhelmed most of the time?

Restore your life
after a traumatic event

The impact of a traumatic event on a person’s life can be devastating. If left untreated, the damages could cripple one’s ability to function. If this is happening to you, seek our help immediately. 

Special Education

Starting 2019, our team of qualified family therapist, teachers, speech therapist, behavioral therapist will help your child learn the most essential life skills such as effective communication, self-care, increased attention span, self-regulation, self-control and other social skills.  

We are hiring Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Join our team if you are a creative, nurturing individual who have experience teaching children with ADHD, ASD and learning disorders. You enjoy working with kids, open to learning, have the ability to make learning fun, and a great team player! Training provided. 

Trainings for therapists / psychologists

Our trainer provides courses on Marital and Family therapy. Besides basic theories, you will learn therapeutic skills such as empathetic listening, validation of emotions, clarifying relationship patterns, the use of your voice…etc. Email us to find out more.

Individual and Family therapy

The journey towards your goals requires hard work. However, the results could last a lifetime. We offer professional assistance to help you embark on this new adventure with confidence. All the information you provide will be kept strictly confidential. Talk to us.

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Please note that we hold our seminars at various locations. If you have an appointment with Huong for individual or family therapy please find us at the address below:

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