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Welcome to Saigon Therapy

Thank you for your interest in our marriage and family therapy services. Our therapist Huong Tran (Victoria), MSMFT is now available to take on new clients. Please contact her at to set up a pre-assessment interview session. Thank you. Best regards. 

Couple therapy

If you recognize recurring problems in your relationship that prevent you from having a loving connection with your partner, then couple therapy is suitable for you. I assist couples identify positive and negative relationship patterns and explore ways to connect and bond with each other.

Therapy for children and adolescents

Seek our help if your child has difficulty getting along with other children, has short attention span, has difficulty adjusting to new environment, unusually withdrawn or shows behavioral issues. 

Individual therapy

Is it advisable to see a marriage and family therapist for individual issues such as anxiety and depression? Absolutely! Issues that may seem individual may be a product of a larger story. For instance, it might be helpful to reflect on whether your anxiety and depressive symptoms may have something to do with certain key relationships in your life.

Family therapy

Family therapy might be the most effective option if you notice your child regularly has problems at school, appears anxious and depressed most of the time, or when your marital conflict starts to affect your child. When working with children and adolescents, parental involvement in therapy is essential because parents are the biggest support system they have. In addition, children adjust and thrive better when parents are able to understand their emotional signals and create more opportunities for bonding.

Fee, Payment and Rescheduling

Our marriage and family therapist charges VND 2,600,000 per hour before VAT. To secure an appointment, please pay by bank transfer at least two working days in advance. Cancelation or rescheduling: at least 48 hours in advance. No-show or late cancelation is charged as a full session


Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our practice. I keep my clients’ identifying information and any information gathered in sessions and other means of communication strictly confidential. Identifying information include clients’ full name, contact details, nationality, age…etc. Clients’ files are kept in a secure cabinet in my office for at least 7 years. Only you can authorize releasing information to anyone else.

Huong Tran (Victoria) MSMFT

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPIST | Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy (California, USA)| Fuller, School of Psychology (California, USA)| University of London. Victoria has been providing therapy to children, adults, couples, and families of diverse backgrounds since 2014. Victoria worked for an agency funded by the Department of Mental Health in Los Angeles before she moved to Ho Chi Minh City in late 2016.

Please note our marriage and family therapist is currently fully booked and is unable to accept new clients. If you would like to be on the waiting list, please email Thank you

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