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Huong Tran (Victoria), MSMFT

Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy (California, USA)

Fuller, School of Psychology (California, USA)
University of London

Victoria obtained a Master of Science in Marriage and Family therapy from Fuller, School of Psychology in California, USA and has been providing therapy to children, adults, couples, and families of diverse backgrounds since 2014. Victoria worked for an agency funded by the Department of Mental Health in Los Angeles before she moved to Ho Chi Minh City in late 2016. Victoria assists families to achieve more satisfying, productive family and social adjustment. She also helps children feel more confident, happier and emotionally secure. Victoria is a certified therapist in Restoration Therapy and utilizes Emotion Focused Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy techniques when working with individuals, couples, and families. In addition, Victoria provides workshops on Understanding Children Psychology, Techniques in Behavior Modification, Understanding Tantrums, and Parenting Skills. 

Whilst most people are familiar with the idea of receiving therapy from psychologists, not many have come across a marital and family therapist. Research has shown that Marital and Family Therapy is the most effective field in psychology that has proven to assist couples and families to restore and strengthen relationships or relational issues. Unfortunately, the title Marital and Family Therapy may be confusing to some people looking for individual therapy. Many people assume marital and family therapists only work with couples or families. However, marital and family therapy has been proven to be very effective in assisting individuals dealing with depression, anxiety or other issues that are normally categorized as personal problems but take roots in interpersonal issues.

Personal Note

“I have become aware of the privileges I have as an able and educated female for a while now. However, the insight has grown clearer and stronger since I moved to Saigon in late 2016. In my first week of being here, my brother took a chance to draw my attention to a truck collecting trash at the bottom of his apartment building. As I looked closer, I noticed two people sorting out trash with bare hands and feet. It was raining. We were living in a comfortable apartment in district 2, disconnected from the people 11 stories below whose livelihood was dependent on our trash. I believe we do not need to go too far to help the vulnerable and the voiceless. They are in our neighborhood, in our company, and within our family and friends circle.” 


Khanh Bui 


Practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia 

Bachelor of Science in Speech & Hearing Science (Washington, USA)

Masters of Science in Speech and Language Pathology (Sydney, Australia) 

Khanh Bui is a bilingual Speech and Language Pathologist and a practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia. She graduated from the University of Washington (US) with a Bachelor’s in Speech & Hearing Science in 2013 and from the University of Sydney (Australia) with a Master’s in Speech and Language Pathology in 2018.

Khanh has been working as a Speech and Language Pathologist in Australia for 2 years. She has worked with a wide range of children and adolescents with speech sound disorders, language delay, and developmental disabilities. She is specialized in early intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other social communication disorders. Khanh is certified to deliver the “More Than Words” program for parents of young children with ASD by the Hanen Centre. In addition, she has experience implementing Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) to support communication and language development for children with limited verbal skills.

Khanh’s Contribution 

    • Equips parents with the practical knowledge and tools to help their children learn a language at home
    • Helps children with language delays expand their vocabulary and sentence length, and understand verbal instructions. They become more confident, participate in conversations for longer, and join in activities
  • Helps non-verbal children develop  alternative communication systems, allowing them to communicate with family members  

Personal Note

Khanh is a warm and caring clinician who has committed to delivering evidence-based interventions and to make therapy fun, enjoyable, and practical for all. She strongly believes in collaborating with family members to ensure that they are a part of their children’s therapy journey and progress.

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